Augi the Stinky Cat (Parody of Harry the Dirty Dog)

Written and translated by Misae Hamano Garrison
Illustrated by Glenn Garrison

Augi is a stinky orange cat with tiger stripes who loves his family except mommy. Mommy always tries to wipe his body, especially his butt. One day when Augi heard the hot water running in the bucket, he took a towel that mommy uses for wiping his body...
オーギーは茶トラのくさい猫。ママ以外の家族が大好き。ママはオーギーの体をいつも拭こうとするからです。特にお尻をね。 ある日、バケツにお湯を入れる音が聞こえたら、オーギーはタオルをくわえて持って行きました。ママがオーギーの体拭きに使っているタオルです。

Then he ran away from home and threw away the towel at the garbage station.

He played in the garden where an old woman is growing tomatoes. Then he got splashed with water by her. He is wet and a little cleaner.

He played in the yard where a beautiful lawn is taken care of. Suddenly he got sprinkler’s water and is wetter and even cleaner.

He tried to capture a fish swimming in the pond and fell down into the pond. He got soaking wet and became cleaner still.

He chased a dragonfly by the river and jumped into the river by mistake. He was totally soaking wet and licked his whole body. In fact, he changed from a stinky orange cat with tiger stripes to a shiny golden cat with halo stripes.

Although there were many other things to do, Augi started to wonder if his family thought that he had really escaped.

He was exhausted and starving too, so sometimes stopping to have a rest on the way, he went back to home.

When Augi got to his house, he just sat before the front door and meowed. Daddy opened the door and said, “So beautiful cat! It’s similar color to Augi’s... but this is not Augi,” and he asked to mommy, “Have you seen Augi?”

When Augi heard this, he tried to show them that he was Augi, making his own sound “grreow” and doing lovey-dovey marking to daddy over and over.

But Augi was too tired to show his behavior. They shook their heads and said, “Oh no, he couldn’t be Augi. Augi’s sound much more bothers us and his stalking attitude is more annoyed.” “Also...,” mommy continued as checking his butt “This is too clean for Augi’s. ”

Augi gave up and started walking slowly... but he stopped. He turned back and ran into the house. He went to the litter box and started to dig furiously. Soon he did poops and covered it with the litter.

As soon as he pooped, mommy shouted, “Oh God! So terrible smell! Too stinky! It’s Augi! It’s Augi!” Daddy cried, “Yeah, certainly he IS Augi! I can smell it anywhere in the house!”The whole house is filled with Augi’s poop stink. Augi was very very happy to hear that.
オーギーがウンチをしたとたん、ママが叫びました。「ウワッ!ひどい臭い!めっちゃクサッ!この子オーギーよ!オーギー!」 パパも大声を上げます。「ホントだ!間違いなくこりゃオーギーだよ!家のどこにいても臭う!」 オーギーのウンチの臭いは家中に充満していました。オーギーはママやパパがオーギーだと気づいてくれてとてもハッピーでした。

It was wonderful to be home. After dinner, Augi pooped again. He remembered how much horrible and miserable he had been soaking wet. He fell asleep in his favorite place where his stinky scent still remains, happily dreaming of play in the mud as much as he wants like the dog in the book he read before.